Solar outdoor siren 2

The POPP Solar Outdoor Siren 2 is the first energy-autarkic working siren for Z-Wave systems. Thanks to a large-scale integrated solar cell, the siren does not require an additional external power supply via mains connection or battery. This means that the siren can be installed anywhere outdoors and then controlled via Z-Wave radio. In this way, existing security systems can be expanded to include a siren with acoustic and visual alarm signals without having to lay cables.

The POPP siren generates a very loud alarm tone (105 dBm) with simultaneous light signal through bright flashing LEDs.

In addition, the siren has its own tamper and theft protection. If the siren is removed from the wall mount, an alarm is automatically triggered and simultaneously transmitted to the Z-Wave control panel. All communication between Z-Wave controller and siren is encrypted and secured to protect against manipulation.

The POPP Solar Outdoor Siren 2 can be operated maintenance-free and is waterproof according to protection class IP56. The average solar energy yield of one day is sufficient to operate the device for 50 days (if no alarm is triggered during this time).

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