SafeDNS filters the DNS queries of your clients and only resolves addresses that have not been blocked by you in the SafeDNS Cloud Service. All unauthorized requests are displayed on a self-configurable block page.

The various filter lists and category lists are centrally maintained worldwide and are always up to date.

  • Safe@Home - For the IT security of your children.
  • Safe@Office - Increases the security of your company and employees.
  • Safe@School - Malware and content security without extra hardware for everyone in the school network.
  • Safe@Hotspot - More security at the HotSpot for you and your guests, that is a real added value!

Industrial Raspberry PI

Industrial Raspberry Pi offers companies the opportunity to implement innovative solutions in industrial environments. These powerful devices enable the automation of processes, the monitoring of systems and the collection of data in real time. However, despite their versatility, Industrial Raspberry Pi also come with security risks. Our customized solutions provide robust protection against potential cyber threats to keep your industrial applications secure.

GFI Security - Network security

Whether it's fixing network vulnerabilities, installing missing patches, optimizing and regulating internet usage and security, or comprehensive malware prevention, GFI's award-winning network monitoring, management and protection solutions can help you improve IT security across your entire organization.

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GFI Communications - Network communications

Protect, manage and optimize your email infrastructure with GFI Communications. The GFI Communications product family provides efficient, cost-effective faxing and archiving, as well as comprehensive anti-spam and anti-malware protection - for time-saving workflows and long-term compliance.

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Zabbix Appliance

The Zabbix appliance offers companies a comprehensive solution for monitoring their IT infrastructure. With Zabbix, you can monitor the performance of your systems, detect potential problems early and react proactively to minimize downtime. Our Zabbix appliance solutions are not only efficient, but also secure. By implementing robust security measures, we protect your monitoring data from unauthorized access and misuse. Contact us today to learn more about our Zabbix appliance security solutions and protect your business.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki operates the largest cloud-based networking service in the industry. Meraki's cloud service is the foundation for more than 18,000 networks around the world. In addition, Meraki has the most experience in cloud computing and has consistently offered its services for five years. Thousands of IT professionals in enterprises, hospitals, banks and retail rely on Meraki's cloud-based networking platform.


WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive portfolio of network security services on the market, from traditional IPS to CLA, application control, anti-spam, web filtering, and advanced services that protect against sophisticated malware, ransomware, and sensitive data loss. Rounding out WatchGuard's offerings is a complete suite of network visualization and management services.

Basic Security Services: Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) / Reputation Enabled Defense (RED) / Spam Blocker / Gateway Antivirus (GAV) / Application Control / Web Blocker - URL Filtering / Network Discovery.

Advanced Security Services: Apt Blocker - Advanced Malware Protection / Data Loss Prevention (DLP) / Access Portal / Dimension Command / Threat Detection and Response / DNSWatch™.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab's deep threat intelligence and security expertise is the foundation for security solutions and services that protect enterprises, critical infrastructure, government institutions, and consumers worldwide.

The company's comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a range of specialized security solutions and services to defend against complex and emerging cyber threats.

More than 400 million users and 270,000 enterprise customers are protected by Kaspersky Lab technologies.


Fortinet products and services offer broad, integrated protection against dynamic security threats. Highest performance and simplification of the IT security infrastructure are further plus points. Fortinet's customers include global enterprises, service providers and public sector customers, including the majority of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Fortinet's flagship products are FortiGate systems, which deliver ASIC chip accelerated performance and integrate multiple layers of security to protect against application and network threats.

However, Fortinet's product line extends far beyond the traditional UTM portfolio to secure sprawling global enterprise networks with all their fixed and mobile components, including databases and applications.

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