Migration from Home Center 2 to Home Center 3

There are many reasons why you should think about migrating your FIBARO Home Center 2 to a new Home Center 3.

The FIBARO Home Center system was originally developed to easily and modularly manage compatible sensors / actuators in one system via Z-Wave protocol. Especially the FIBARO Home Center Lite (based on the software of the Home Center 2) runs on a very simple hardware and is quickly overwhelmed with growing smart home installations. Unfortunately, FIBARO has not yet built in a technical lock here that allows you to manage only 1 IP camera, 20 scenes, 10 QuickApps and 5 plugins, as in the Home Center 3 Lite. Thus, the Smart Home installation of a FIBARO Home Center Lite quickly grows beyond the point of technical compatibility.

There are some symptoms that indicate an overloaded Z-Wave Smart Home system.

  • The alarm control activates or deactivates only with an unacceptable time delay.
  • Push notifications arrive with a delay or no longer arrive at all
  • There is no long-lasting effect to rebuild the Z-Wave mesh network
  • Sensors or actuators react sporadically or not at all anymore

In addition, the FIBARO 4.xx software and therefore also the FIBARO Home Center 2 / Lite is technologically obsolete since the release of FIBARO Software 5.xx. From a technical point of view, the FIBARO Home Center 2 / Lite communicates in the WLAN / LAN only unencrypted via http port 80, making a FIBARO HC2 / HCL for a new installation in this day and age an unacceptable security risk, especially when connecting devices that are not Z-Wave capable or compatible. The FIBARO Software 5.xx has been developed from scratch and supports open programming via LUA using the new LUA Editor, not only in the Home Center 3, but also in the Home Center 3 Lite and brand new in the Yubii Home Center, which is based on the Home Center 3 Lite. With LUA, non-system / incompatible devices and controls can be integrated into the Home Center 3 / 3 Lite smart home system. For example, we program Espressif Systems ESP32 (System on Chip / SOC) for various applications such as garden irrigation systems, Wiegand Interface control panels, relay controls, access controls RFID / fingerprint, as sensors or actuators and integrate them as Virtual Devices / QuickApp into your FIBARO Home Center 3. In this way, incompatible manufacturers can also be controlled with the FIBARO Home Center, which could otherwise only be operated in parallel without interaction.

We would be happy to consult with you on an upcoming migration of your Smart Home System from a FIBARO Home Center 2 hub to a FIBARO Home Center 3 / 3 Lite hub and provide a fixed price quote. Needless to say, we also help to organize and implement your new Smart Home with a FIBARO Home Center system - for your special feel-good ambience!

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