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FIBARO Home Center Lite is a Smart Home Controller for controlling the FIBARO system. It is a compact version of the Home Center 2. It works with a graphical and user-friendly interface that allows to control all compatible devices within a network and to create automation scenes.

A Home Center Lite is similar to the FIBARO Home Center 2, there is no difference in terms of performance when connecting Z-Wave devices and the number of devices you can connect in your home. From a technical perspective, there is a list of features that are not included in Home Center Lite, but are available to the user in Home Center 2.

  • No LUA programming - LUA is a programming language (scripting language) commonly used in home automation controllers to allow the user to create more complex control scenes than are supported by the scene editor on most controllers.
  • No LUA-based virtual devices
  • No VOIP communication
  • No integration with SATEL alarm system
  • And a limited number of plugins (max. five plugins)

In addition, theHome Center Lite can only work as a stand-alone controller (perfect for one house or apartment unit) or as a slave (via linked gateways). A Home Center Lite can NOT act as a Master Controller, unlike the Home Center 2, which was designed for this purpose. Although the Home Center Lite lacks some of the features of its older brother, it is still packed with a lot of power and features in the box. Home Center Lite can also be easily mounted in a hidden location due to its compact design.


  • Uses Z-Wave wireless technology to manage multiple connected devices simultaneously.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.
  • User interface available via either web browser or smartphone app.
  • Easy setup and further configuration.
  • Compatible with a whole range of Z-Wave sensors, actuators, remote controls and various IP cameras.
  • Low energy consumption.

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▶ Datasheet - Fibaro Home Center Lite

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