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LANCOM 1790-4G

VPN site networking via high-speed LTE or external modems

Whether a high-speed connection via mobile radio or via external modems with additional LTE backup, this router provides you with secure VPN functionality and the greatest possible independence with regard to the Internet lines available at your site. For example, if you do not have a wired Internet connection on site, the router offers professional primary access via the mobile radio standard LTE-Advanced with up to 300 MBit/s thanks to 4G.


Main features

  • Business VPN router with LTE cellular for up to 300 Mbps (CAT. 6)
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface for connection to external DSL or cable modems
  • SD-WAN - automatic VPN and VLAN configuration via the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • 5 simultaneous IPSec VPN connections (25 channels optional)
  • Network virtualization with up to 16 networks on one device (ARF)
  • Security Made in Germany
  • Maximum sustainability, reliability and security

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