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Remote Work

The simplest and most secure home office solution

TSplus Remote Work is the best solution to enable home working in any SMB or large enterprise. With TSplus Gateway Broker, users can easily initiate secure remote desktop sessions on their own office PCs. With Remote Work Server, companies can create a secure single sign on the web portal and remote desktop gateway so that users can access the console session on their office PCs - even when they are not in the office!


1. install Broker The Connection Broker system can be installed on any Windows system in the company network. This can be the server or any workstation.

2. NAT rule A NAT rule redirects the HTTP and/or the HTTPS ports (default value is port 80/443) from the external IP to the LAN IP of your "Connection Broker". Thus, the "Connection Broker" is the only system that must be reachable via the Internet.

3. IP Address The system on which TSplus Remote Work is installed must be reachable via a fixed IP address to access the Connection Broker. However, if you do not have a fixed address, you can use a dynamic DNS service.

4. in Home Office On the client side, an Internet connection must be available and any browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari) must be installed.

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